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Who Have I Helped?

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Hello, I’m Caro!

I provide executive leadership skills through commercial, marketing, and organizational structuring to grow new businesses in blockchain and tech

As someone who has been in the business world since the age of 21, I understand the importance of seniority and high professional standards when it comes to scaling a business. For over 15 years, I have been running companies with a strong focus on community and content creation. I help founders build their team culture, develop their organizational structure, and set up the roadmap to growing their network, users, and team performance. My experience and knowledge in this area have made me an invaluable asset to many entrepreneurs.


My Areas of Work

Money (business) Strategy

  • Growth

Caro has developed Marketing, Communications & PR Strategies for global tech firms to help them grow from early-stage startups to mature Series A industry-ready organizations. These strategies are implemented on a quarterly basis, delivering measurable and proven KPIs to track progress each quarter. By working with this service, tech firms experience growth and achieve successful marketing outcomes.

1:1 Clarity 

  • Master Your Investor Pitch

  • Understand your Passion

Caro is a people motivator with the ability to intuitively discern what makes each person shine and guide them to excel in their abilities, no matter the circumstances. She is experienced in managing and structuring teams both as a founder and as a C-Level executive, as well as galvanizing and cultivating teams to reach their full potential.

Are you a Corporation?

Check my Official Business Consultation

CRP Corp. is the official legal entity that oversees all of Caro Rossi's business and projects.


How Can I help?

Master your Team Organization

  • Organized your Business Model Structure

  • Set the Pillars of your Marketing and communication Strategy

  • Provide High Level Networks

Caro excels in providing invaluable support to companies, particularly those navigating the crucial stages before a Series A and post a Seed Round. Demonstrating exceptional operational skills, Caro adeptly masters team organization, optimizing the structure of business models to enhance efficiency and performance. With a keen strategic acumen, Caro sets the pillars of marketing and communication strategies, ensuring a robust foundation for brand development and market positioning. Leveraging a wealth of high-level networks, Caro facilitates crucial connections and collaborations, propelling companies towards sustainable growth and success in the dynamic business landscape.

My mind operates in a manner reminiscent of a puzzle.  

I see your gaps, build systems, and guide you to a strategy that ensures continuous growth. I provide hands-on support to shape and expand your model. With expertise in financial systems, media, communication, and community building, I transform local companies into global powerhouses with solid structure and teams.


My primary business focus lies in comprehending intricate industries like Web3 and the decentralization phenomenon. Over the past years, I've directed my efforts towards establishing my own decentralized business, extending its impact globally. Employing advanced technology and a team of skilled individuals who share the belief that one can simultaneously embrace technology, humanity, and nature. As a leader overseeing large-scale projects in remote locations worldwide, the core values remain centered on the harmonious integration of nature, people, and technology.

Yes, this is different! 


Worked with over 700 companies of over 1,000 entrepreneurs globally.

Push revenue and business forward through high-quality content coordination, media understanding and new revenue streams. Invested in +10 early stage startups. 

Consulted with more than five government organisations and global players, founded 4 unique ventures.

My mind works as building a puzzle, I help you find the missing pieces in your business so you get the right framework!

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Anna, RedBull

"Caro always showed great passion in storytelling, pitching and empowering the next generation of young entrepreneurs to always think bigger and beyond. We only received great feedback from the teams she mentored throughout the entire development phase of the event and working with her was an absolute pleasure"
(Global RedBul Mentor, 2020)

Connor, Former Duolingo

 Caro brought a deep passion for social justice, equity, and collaboration to all her work. Caro cares, not just about meeting an objective, but doing so in a way that brings people and institutions together. I saw how Caro cared deeply for her team at the personal and professional levels, and how committed she was to building bridges, even in competitive environments
(SOSV Accelerator, 2015)

Martin, Keiron Founder

Caro has impacted Keirón development through her startup`s experiencie but also with her vision and contacts across the world. Nice to work, plenty of backup and really advance to talk about strategy. 
(President of the Board 2017-2021)

Olivia Spaethe, CEO at Jobs for Good, UK.

"I got incredibly useful feedback on my deck & pitch from Caro in a session organised by tech2impact - I can honestly say it's the first time I got feedback that helped this much & that I knew how to act on. Helped me improve my pitch, how I deliver it & gained confidence"

Felipe Millan, CMO Shroomwell

"Great work ethics and professionalism"

Gabriel Roizner, Founder Mozper (YC S20)

 "I am very happy of what Caro achieved during all these years and I am sure we will keep seeing awesome things from her - she is a great leader, operator, and she achieves her goals"

Sylvia Szulc, Germany

 "I had pursued education and training in two vastly different career paths, which seemed to be mutually inhibiting. Caro not only demonstrated the ability to recognize the differences and similarities between these two paths but also aided me in discovering the missing puzzle piece that created the connection". 
(The Break Fellowship EU, Direct Mentor) 

Yaiza Forcada, Spain

"I have met many people in my life, but I do not think I have met anybody like Caro. She is razor-sharp, extremely talented in analysing and summarising information and ideas and incredibly creative in finding pathways to success"
((The Break Fellowship EU, Direct Mentor) 

Antonela Topic, Croatia

"Her ability to provide concrete numbers that could be either adopted or adapted is a rarity among entrepreneurs... She exemplifies the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that all can look up to. Her mentorship has been an invaluable gift, and she can't be thanked enough for all that she's done."
((The Break Fellowship EU, Direct Mentor)

More than a decade working side by side with the best founders!

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